Hayley Harlock

Meet Hayley

Hayley Harlock is the founder of The Flipside Life (TFSL), and a mom to three children. She’s been married to her vascular surgeon husband since 2006. In another lifetime, Hayley practiced as a medical social worker at the Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto. For the past decade, she has been a SAHM, acting as CEO, CFO and family chauffeur, while also supporting her husband’s medical training, and his eventual transition into practice.

The Journey

The journey of a medical spouse can be long, isolating and unpredictable at times. Like you, Hayley has lived through many of the unique challenges (and range of emotions) that are often experienced by those brave enough to be in a relationship with a medical student, resident or practicing physician. The mission of TFSL is to foster meaningful connection and create a diverse and inclusive community that supports and enhances the lives of physician families through advocacy, education, mentorship and events.

The idea to connect the spouses and partners of physicians is something that has been on Hayley’s heart for many years...meaningful connection, community and collaboration is everything!

Hayley believes that physician mental health begins at home. When physician families are supported and thriving, the mental health and well-being of doctors is strengthened. This makes the delivery of quality, compassionate care both possible and sustainable…something we should all value as a communities, and as healthcare consumers.

Trusted TFSL Advisors

Dr. Carlos Lalonde MD, FRCPC
Chief of Psychiatry
The Residence & Corporate Services
Homewood Health

Dr. Andrea Moldes MD, CCFP (SEM), Dip. Sport Med
Family Physician
Co-Director, Strive Sport & Exercise Medicine

Dr. John Harlock MD, MSc, FRCSC, FACS
Vascular Surgeon
Associate Professor & Academic Program Director
McMaster University

Dr. Marco Vennettilli MD, FRCSC
Orthopedic Surgeon

Ms. Nicola Otter
Chief Executive Officer
Myelin & Associates

Ms. Marianne MacMillan
Chief Commercial Officer
WoundNostics Inc.