Hayley Harlock
Founder & CEO

Meet Hayley

Hayley Harlock is the founder of The Flipside Life (TFSL). She is a fierce advocate for physician families. Hayley is a mom to three school-aged children and has been married to her vascular surgeon husband since 2006. Hayley holds a Master of Social Work degree from Wilfrid Laurier University. Hayley practiced as a medical social worker at the Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto for seven years. Eventually something had to give, so she made the decision to leave her much loved career to stay home with her children and support her husband's surgical training and his eventual transition to practice.  

After experiencing firsthand the gap that exists in support available for physician families, Hayley founded The Flipside Life in 2019. Hayley's personal and professional experience, coupled with her natural ability to connect with others and her determination to improve the experience of physician families, make her uniquely positioned to lead the TFSL community. She now spends her days championing physician families as the CEO of The Flipside Life.

The Journey

The journey of a medical spouse can be long, isolating and unpredictable at times. It often involves many personal and family sacrifices. Like you, Hayley has lived through many of the unique challenges that are experienced by those brave enough to be in a relationship with a medical student, resident, practicing or retired physician.

The idea to connect the spouses and partners of physicians is something that has been in Hayley’s heart for many years. The opportunity for connection and community are important in helping to ensure that physician families are thriving, not just surviving! 

TFSL supports and enhances the lives of physician families by providing opportunities for connection, education, events and advocacy.

Wherever you currently are on your #medspouse journey, you are not alone. Connect with us and join our community of physician families. We understand you. We are here to support you. And we can't wait to meet you!