The Flipside Life

Welcome to our growing community of champions, advocating for those living on the flipside of the white coat.

Hayley Harlock
Founder & CEO

Who Are We?

We are the spouses and partners of medical students and physicians. We are the keepers of our families. We are the organizers and executors of details big and small. While being on the flipside of medicine can feel lonely and isolating at times, collectively, we are an inclusive community dedicated to supporting our physician families and each other.

Our Mission

To foster meaningful connection and create an inclusive community that supports and champions the wellness of physician families during all stages of training, practice, retirement and widowhood.

Physician Families Play an Important Role
Physicians support the health and well-being of our communities. And we, as the wives, husbands and partners in physician families, understand that physician health and well-being is a family affair and starts at home. Often, medicine, as an institution, does not recognize, include or support physician families as the important partners we are in this system. TFSL is committed to changing this by supporting physician families through connection, education, and advocacy.

When physician families are thriving and supported, the health and well-being of our physicians is strengthened; this results in exceptional, compassionate patient care being made both possible and sustainable. As communities and as healthcare consumers, we are all positively impacted when physicians and their families are healthy and thriving.

The Path to Change

Through collaboration with community partners and stakeholders, TFSL is committed to championing the needs of physician families, throughout medical training and during the practice journey. By raising awareness at the institutional level, TFSL will reframe the narrative on physician wellness to include recognition and support for physician families.


Our world has been drastically changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the way we connect as a community has also changed.

At TFSL we want to help ensure that all Physician Families are connected and supported. TFSL offers FREE confidential virtual Connect Calls every Thursday  9pm-10pm EST and bi-weekly Wednesdays 8pm-9pm PST.

All spouses and partners of medical students and physicians are welcome to attend.

Did you know that TFSL has a private Facebook group for our community?  Email for the link to join.

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