Podcast: Solving Healthcare

July 6, 2020

This was our incredible conversation with The Flipside of Life founder Hayley Harlock. A space dedicated to supporting physician families throughout their journey through medical school, residency and beyond.

In our conversation with Hayley (& my wife Catherine), we cover:
-Why supporting physician families can improve care for patients.
-How isolating it can be, especially if you're having to move for training.
-The challenges of raising a family when their partner is often working long hours & holidays
-The fears & challenges during COVID-19.

Hayley Harlock is the founder of The Flipside Life (TFSL), and a mom to three children. She’s been married to her vascular surgeon husband since 2006. In another lifetime, Hayley practiced as a medical social worker at the Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto. For the past decade, she has been a SAHM, acting as CEO, CFO and family chauffeur, while also supporting her husband’s medical training and his eventual transition into practice.